Meet us Monday, March 14th, 9:30 am in Austin@SXSW!

Our session: Outsourcing Social Media Professionally Without Selling Your Soul

or “How outsourcing can make or break your marketing and online reputation. Exploring the slippery slope of successes and failures”. [ Read more about the speakers ]

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Greetings from your panelists:
Nicole Simon, Kate Buck, Elizabeth Bellanti, Eric Schwartzman


At first, Social Media was simple. It was about you and your voice as an individual. Today is different. Do companies, organizations or even individuals spend time on social media which could be much better spent on other activities? Yes!

But how do you outsource your “voice”? Will it damage your brand or credibility? Can you control your message? What will your customers say? Can it be done at all? Yes! You need to change your mind set about how social media is done, leave the Silicon Valley way of thinking behind and start thinking like a professional.

This panel will give you an insight into how to be a pro at social media outsourcing while staying in charge. We will discuss the do’s and don’ts and how to make sure your voice is authentic. You will learn about the importance of systems and documentation, hear about tools to manage your activities with partners and which aspects of your online presence you should never give away.

Also we will share best practices and real life examples, as well as take a look at working internationally. No matter if you want to outsource your social media activity, or you are an agency or virtual assistant who works with clients, you will leave the panel with a better understanding of how to utilize partners and worker bees without breaking the bank or selling your soul.